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Tool Cabinet Factory

Qingdao Chrecary International Trade Co., Ltd is located in No. 40, Chengma Road, Tongji Subdistrict Office, Jimo, Qingdao. Chrecary is an industrial and trade enterprise, the factory covers an area of about 8000 square meters, The production workshop is equipped with large laser cutting equipment, bending equipment of various sizes and pressures. Various types of welding machines, as well as perfect spray processing workshop…Up to 50 tool cabinets can be produced at the same time. The factory has professional technical research and development personnel and production workers, to ensure product quality at the same time, but also to shorten the delivery period, for the best-selling models of the fastest delivery period is only 15 days, our production and delivery capacity has been widely recognized by tool cabinet agents around the world.

The factory's production uses high-quality cold-rolled steel, advanced production machines and mature technology. The following is a simple production process.

Material preparation: Cold rolled steel plates, stainless steel and aluminum alloys.

Laser cutting: Cut the cold rolled steel and aluminum alloys into required size and shape.

Bending: Operate the cut steel plate that needs to be bent.

Welding: Weld the cut material to make the shell of the tool cabinet.

Painting: Surface treatment of the welded tool cabinet, such as grinding, spraying or electroplating, etc., to increase its durability and aesthetics.

Install: Install all the parts into a complete tool cabinet, including accessories such as drawers,handles and casters,etc.

Quality inspections: Multiple quality inspections and shipment is confirmed after there are no problems.

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