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Our History


Qingdao CYJY started its journey in a small workshop. At that time, only a small number of employees were dedicated to the production and sale of various metal products, and we could offer products such as tool cabinets, toolboxes, sheet metal stamping and bending products, and construction accessories. Despite limited resources, this small team showed boundless passion and talent.


CYJY successfully expanded the size of the plant and introduced advanced production equipment. This makes the quality of the tool cabinet greatly improved, and can meet the needs of more customers. At this time, CYJY began to gradually win the recognition of the market, and established a good reputation.


CYJY launched a new product range for the needs of the domestic market. These products are not only highly functional, but also incorporate stylish and innovative design elements. This clever combination has made CYJY's products widely popular and opened up more business opportunities.


CYJY realized the potential of the international market and decided to expand its export business. By participating in international exhibitions and establishing cooperative relations with overseas partners, our products have been exported to the United States, Canada, South Korea, Australia, Sweden, the Netherlands and other countries. We have complete production equipment, such as laser cutting machine, punching machine, CNC bending machine, drilling machine and other equipment. At the same time, we have strong design and development capabilities, and can develop products that customers need according to customer drawings or samples. CYJY's products began to be sold in overseas markets. This not only brings more revenue to the company, but also raises the awareness of the brand.


CYJY launched a series of smart tool cabinets. These tool cabinets are equipped with the most advanced technology, including fingerprint recognition, remote monitoring and other functions, enabling users to more easily manage and protect tools. This innovation attracted a lot of attention and won several design and technical awards.


CYJY established its own online store to better meet the needs of its customers. Through online sales channels, customers can more easily choose and purchase CYJY products. At the same time, CYJY is actively engaged in social media and online campaigns, further expanding the brand's reach.

From a small workshop in 1996 to a mature enterprise today, CYJY has come a long way in its constant pursuit of excellence. Its success is due to the hard work of its employees, the spirit of innovation and the close cooperation with its customers. In the future, CYJY will continue to adhere to the principle of customer first, continuously improve product quality and innovation capabilities, and become a leader in the industry.

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