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Black Rolling Tool Cabinet
  • Black Rolling Tool CabinetBlack Rolling Tool Cabinet
  • Black Rolling Tool CabinetBlack Rolling Tool Cabinet
  • Black Rolling Tool CabinetBlack Rolling Tool Cabinet
  • Black Rolling Tool CabinetBlack Rolling Tool Cabinet
  • Black Rolling Tool CabinetBlack Rolling Tool Cabinet
  • Black Rolling Tool CabinetBlack Rolling Tool Cabinet

Black Rolling Tool Cabinet

CYJY black rolling tool cabinet is made of high quality cold rolled steel. Compared with ordinary steel, cold-rolled steel has higher strength and durability, and can withstand greater weight and pressure. This provides a more reliable guarantee for the use of tool cabinets, ensuring that your tools and items can be safely stored and handled.

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Product Description

Black Rolling Tool Cabinet

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CYJY black rolling tool cabinet adopts advanced production process, through fine welding, grinding and spraying processes, to ensure that the quality and appearance of each tool cabinet reach the perfect level. The exquisite technology of the welding process makes the structure of black rolling tool cabinet more solid and stable, and can withstand long time use and heavy load work. The fine sanding and spraying process gives the tool cabinet an elegant appearance and anti-corrosion function, enabling it to maintain luster and durability in harsh environments for a long time.

Black Rolling Tool Cabinet Parameters:

Size 2200*650*1500 mm
Weight 297 KG
Wheel 4 PCs caster wheel
Light LED Light
Handle Stainless Handle
Material Cold Rolled Steel
Thickness 1.0-1.5 mm
Packing Carton box+Pallet
Finish Powder Coating
Lock Key Lock
Color Customized
OEM & ODM Acceptable

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Product Features:

The excellent weighing capacity of the CYJY black rolling tool cabinet is also one of the important factors that are well received by customers. The interior of black rolling tool cabinet is well designed and equipped with sturdy shelves and drawers to effectively separate and organize your tools and items. Whether heavy tools or small items, they can be properly stored and protected. The rolling design of the tool cabinet provides you with great convenience, whether in the workshop or on the site, you can easily move the tool cabinet to the required position, convenient for you to access the required items at any time, improve work efficiency.

Precautions for use:

When using a black rolling tool cabinet, please pay attention to the following precautions:

Before moving the tool cabinet, make sure all drawers and doors are securely locked to prevent tools and items from sliding or falling out.

Distribute tools evenly between drawers and cabinets to avoid the tool cabinet tipping or becoming unbalanced.

Do not overload the tool cabinet. Carefully read the specifications and instructions for the tool cabinet to ensure that you do not store tools or items that exceed the cabinet's capacity.

Regularly clean the tool cabinet. Use a clean, soft cloth to wipe the surface, which can help avoid scratches and damage.

Do not store the tool cabinet in a damp or wet place, as a black rolling tool cabinet may be susceptible to absorbing moisture, which can cause rust and damage.

Do not store sharp or fragile items together in the same drawer to avoid collisions and wear.

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Product advantages:

Durability: Black rolling tool cabinets are usually made of high-quality materials, such as metal, making them durable and long-lasting.

Secure storage: Rolling tool cabinets have lockable drawers and doors, providing secure storage for valuable tools and equipment.

Flexibility: The wheels on a rolling tool cabinet make it easy to move the cabinet around your workspace, providing flexibility in tool storage and placement.

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Q:Are the wheels on black rolling tool cabinets strong enough to support the cabinet's weight?

A: Yes, the wheels on black rolling tool cabinets are designed to support the cabinet's weight. However, it's important to not overload the cabinet beyond the weight capacity specified by the manufacturer.

Q:Are black rolling tool cabinets difficult to assemble?

A: Assembly difficulty depends on the manufacturer and the model of the rolling tool cabinet. Some come fully assembled, while others require some degree of assembly. It's important to carefully read the instructions and follow them closely to avoid potential problems.

Q:Can black rolling tool cabinets be used outside of a workshop or garage?

A: Yes, black rolling tool cabinets can be used in any location requiring secure and organized storage of tools or other items, such as car washes and equipment rental shops.

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