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Birthday Party-Stewed Goose in Iron Pot


As a company that pays attention to employee welfare and team building, we organized a unique employee birthday party. We gave our employees a pleasant and unforgettable experience by having a birthday party with goose stewed in an iron pot, a farmhouse KTV, and playing billiards. Birthday party.

For this employee birthday party, the company chose a farmhouse in the suburbs as the event venue. At the beginning of the event, the employees gathered together and tasted a special delicacy - goose stewed in an iron pot. This dish not only has a unique flavor and delicious taste, but also shows the food culture that combines local characteristics and innovation.

Afterwards, everyone started a lively singing and dancing party in the KTV area of the farmhouse. Everyone showed off their singing voices and sang classic songs together, filling the entire venue with laughter and laughter. This session not only enhances communication among employees, but also releases work pressure and allows everyone to relax in a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere.

At the same time, some employees came to the billiards area and started a fierce and interesting game. Billiards is a sport that requires teamwork and skills. Through this competition, employees have a deeper understanding of each other's characteristics and abilities. After the game, everyone said that this team-building activity had enhanced mutual friendship and trust.

Icey, the birthday employee, said: "This birthday party was really great! Not only did we enjoy the food, we also sang and danced together and had a lot of fun. Such activities really made us feel the company's care and support for us. .”

Through this unique employee birthday party, which included goose stew in a wok, farmhouse KTV and billiards, the employees were given a pleasant and unforgettable team-building experience. The company will create a better working atmosphere and living environment for employees, and further promote teamwork and development. I believe that with such support, employees will face work challenges more actively and contribute more to the company's development.

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