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Farmhouse-Grape Picking


Autumn is the season of grape harvest. In order to enrich employees' spare time and enhance team cohesion, a company recently organized a unique team-building activity-picking grapes. This activity not only allowed employees to feel the beauty of nature, but also brought them happiness and satisfaction. Grape picking can not only enrich employees' leisure and entertainment life, but also enhance teamwork, making it a unique and popular team-building method.

The grape picking took place on a sunny weekend. Early in the morning, the company employees arrived at the farmhouse and were greeted by a green vineyard. The staff introduced the planting, growing and picking techniques of grapes in detail. The employees enthusiastically brought scissors and baskets and started their picking journey.

Everyone picked the grape bunches in an orderly manner, with smiles on their lips. While picking and communicating, the employees' emotions were released and sublimated in the process. They help each other and share their picking experiences, which enhances mutual understanding and friendship.

An employee said: "This grape picking activity is so meaningful! It not only exercises the body, but also enhances the cohesion of the team. At the same time, the grapes picked by hand are more delicious and make people feel more satisfied."

Another employee who participated in the grape picking said: "Grape picking is a unique team-building activity, which allows us to temporarily liberate ourselves from the busy work and feel the beauty of nature. During the picking, everyone helps each other, unites and cooperates, and enhances mutual understanding." understand each other’s emotions.”

This grape picking activity not only brought a pleasant experience to the company's employees, but also made them better understand and appreciate the beauty of agriculture. Through such team-building activities, the teamwork ability of the company's employees has been further improved, and mutual trust and collaboration among employees have been enhanced.