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Polish customers visited the CYJY factory and highly recognized the quality of the tool cabinet



On November 20, two Polish customers visited CYJY and were warmly received by the owner, manager and several colleagues of the CYJY team. They visited the factory and spoke highly of its size and the quality of the tool cabinets. This visit not only deepened the knowledge of the Polish customers about the CYJY plant, but also enhanced the business capabilities of the CYJY team.

[Background Information]

CYJY Factory is a tool cabinet supplier based in Qingdao, focusing on the production of tool cabinets and other industrial equipment. As an international company, CYJY has always been committed to building partnerships with customers around the world and providing customers with quality products and services. The visit of the Polish customer is an important step for CYJY to better develop the Polish market.

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Accompanied by the CYJY team, the Polish customers visited the various workshops and production lines of the plant. They were impressed by the size of the factory and the advanced nature of the equipment, especially the design and quality of the tool cabinet. The customer said that the tool cabinet looked very robust and of excellent quality, which met their needs. At the end of the visit, the CYJY team also had lunch with Polish customers to further deepen the exchange and understanding between them.


The Polish customer said: "We are very satisfied with this trip to Qingdao, and we are impressed by the size and quality of the CYJY factory. We look forward to the opportunity to return to Qingdao in the future to establish long-term cooperation with CYJY."


The visit of the Polish customer not only has a positive impact on the reputation of the CYJY plant, but also lays a solid foundation for cooperation between Qingdao and Poland. CYJY will continue to focus on providing quality products and services and building closer partnerships with customers around the world.


CYJY will continue to carry out international exchange activities and welcome customers from all over the world to visit and cooperate. Qingdao will continue to provide customers with a superior business environment and a friendly exchange platform.

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