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CYJY team office barbecue, hot pot, unity and warm work and life



The CYJY team held a barbecue in the office over the weekend, which showed the unity and warmth among the team members. During the event, the sample cabinet of the CYJY team played an important role in facilitating the preparation of the ingredients, making it possible to share a delicious roast feast.


The CYJY team is a dynamic and creative team dedicated to developing high quality products and providing excellent service. In order to promote cohesion and friendship among team members, they often organize various activities, including this weekend's barbecue. The CYJY team has well-equipped offices where sample cabinets are an integral part of their daily work.

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In this barbecue activity, the sample cabinet fully played its role. Cabinets made by CYJY serve a variety of purposes, one of which is a workbench for preparing ingredients. Team member Develn is the main cook of the ingredients, he shows his excellent cooking skills, the roast meat is delicious. The design of the grill brush makes the roasting process more convenient, and everyone praises the roast meat is very delicious.


A member of the CYJY team said, "Our team is like a big family, we support and care for each other both at work and in life. This roast is an opportunity for our team to bond more closely, as well as a moment to show our team unity and good work."


The CYJY team demonstrated their unity and warmth through the weekend barbecue, as well as their excellent performance at work. The sample cabinet played an important role in the event, providing team members with the convenience of preparing ingredients to make the roast event smoother and more delicious.


The CYJY team will continue to strive to provide better products and services based on the united and warm atmosphere. They believe that through team cohesion and excellent work performance, the CYJY team will achieve greater success.

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